Quiet 38 Special Ammo

I've been loading 38 special ammo for about a year (just for fun range shooting). I'd never reloaded anything else However, I'm wondering if I could get even quieter loads. I recently bought 125-grain bullets (because that's what was available).

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And what is the best quieter ammunition and what is the best louder one so I can practice with the quiet ammo? Part of it is also how much you shoot. you will do a lot more damage to your ears firing 50 rounds of the most quiet 38 special (which will still be very loud) than you will firing 6 rounds of the.

The .38 Smith & Wesson Special commonly known as .38 Special, .38 Spl, or .38 Spc is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge designed by Smith & Wesson. Outdoor Limited is your source for cheap ammo online. Browse our great selection of .38 Special Ammo in your favorite brands and styles.

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The .38 Special is one of the best revolver cartridges ever made. Because it was introduced in the late 19th century as a black powder cartridge and Today's self-defense .38 Special is most commonly used in short-barreled 'snub nose' revolvers such as the Ruger LCR and Smith & Wesson J-Frame.

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Oct 01, 2008 · Even 'quiet' 38 special is LOUD. Part of it is also how much you shoot. you will do a lot more damage to your ears firing 50 rounds of the most quiet 38 special (which will still be very loud) than you will firing 6 rounds of the loudest 38 special.

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I'm looking for some quiet .38, but unsurprisingly I'm having a hard time finding ammo typically used with suppressors for a revolver cartridge. Does anyone.

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.38 Special – Specialty Ammunition. Shotshell Ammo. This is a great trail gun load, especially in the back country where pests exist, or where you may come across a small game animal that is suitable for dinner, but don't want to overdo it on the projectile.

Dec 27, 2018.

Going through a few ammunition choices that you have, that will reduce your .38 Special or .357 Magnum revolver's recoil to being on par with.

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Hornady 38 Super Ammo Ammo Can 38 Special Results 1 – 48 of 58. 38 Special Lead Ammo that are built for quality and consistency. you won't find better prices on 22 Magnum Ammunition anywhere! The .38 Special cartridge is world-renowned and one of the most common self-defense cartridges in use today. A sought-after advantage is that it can

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I tried some freedom arms 38 special 158gn Rnfp plated in my 77/357 and it was about 22 mag quiet but it wouldn't group them into a paper plate at 25 yards. It will put 357s into a 2 inch group at 100, this has all been Comercial ammo one of these days I'll get some of my hand loads through it and report my findings.

Since 1899, the .38 Special cartridge has been a favorite of law enforcement throughout the United States. This powerful round is a reliable choice for both self-defense and concealed carry. If you plan to use this sturdy round, Cheaper Than Dirt! offers the best .38 Special ammo from all of the best brands.

5. Remington Rolling Block in 45-70. That may seem like an unusual choice based on the size of the bullet and case. But if you are a hand-loader, you can get a 200-plus grain bullet moving about 750 feet per second that meters about 130 decibels on a sound meter. Because it’s a long-barreled, single-shot rifle, you won’t be able to put too.

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.38 Special (7).38 SPL / .357 Magnum (2)