Can You Use 380 Ammo In A 38

No. Ammo designated as .38 or .38 special is different than ammo designated as .380. .380 is designed for semi-auto handguns and .38 ammo is for revolvers.More to the point, the .38 Special has a.

Jul 31, 2018.

How The .38 Special Is Superior To .380 Auto (.380 Auto Vs .38 Special in.

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At first glance we found this amusing as the 380 ACP with its 17mm case.

So where do these fellow firearm scribes get this notion? There are a number of factors at work here, if you take a look at the history of both these cartridges.

While the 38 Special bullets tend to be heavier, the muzzle velocity and.

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In this video we test to see if a 380 auto will chamber and fire in a 9mm.

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Hypothetically (of course) you could resize your 9mm ammo with a .38 Special sizing die (or Lee factory crimp die) and it would fit in the chambers of a .357 or a strong .38 Special. But then there's nothing to headspace the cartridges.

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You cannot re-size 380 brass with a 9mm sizing die, nor can you size 9mm brass with a 380 die. You can use the the bullet seating dies back and forth. But you'll need to get sizing dies in both.

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1. The 380 auto is rimless and both those revolver cartridges are rimmed. 2. They are about the same size, but not exactly. There was an old '38 short' rimmed revolver case that would fit and fire, that the 'Brits' called '380', but it's pretty rare and collectible now. It would be a shame to waste any if you did find it.

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.380 Auto VS .38 Special in Pocket Guns Episode 24 - Watermelon TestApr 10, 2012.

The 38 special is usually loaded in a 6 round revolver and if you are talking snub noses then it will usually hold just 5. The 380's hold on.