Best 38 Special Ammo For Self Defense

The .38 Special can be safely fired in guns chambered in .357 Magnum as a result, which gives shooters a wide power spectrum to take advantage of. Today’s self-defense .38 Special is most commonly used in short-barreled ‘snub nose’ revolvers such as the Ruger LCR and Smith & Wesson J-Frame. These revolvers are purpose-made for concealed.

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There’s no shortage of affordable handguns on the market. But there’s a lot to consider when looking for a gun that you might.

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Jan 15, 2020 · Revolver fans rejoice! It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally ready to show you the results of our ballistics gelatin tests for .38 Special and .357 Magnum self-defense ammo. For this batch, we tested 38 loads total — 20 are .357 Magnum and 18 are .38 Special.

Nov 10, 2016 · There are dozens of modern .38 special and .357 magnum self-defense loads available that have been specifically designed with the snub nose revolver in mind. With all of those choices, it may be difficult to believe that a bullet as simple as the lead wadcutter may be the most effective round under some circumstances.

Mar 27, 2018 · Many folks today buy handguns for home and self-defense. With that thought in mind a number of companies are designing ammo strictly to defend one’s life or those that we care about.

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Aug 20, 2019 · The Best 38 Special ammo for self defense is actually a list of several options. All ammo is not created equally, and more than that, all ammunition serves a different purpose. In this round-up of high quality ammunition, we are exploring the different types of ammunition you may come across when shopping for something to put into your favorite.

Feb 27, 2020.

They're practical target guns, reliable self-defense tools, effective hunting implements, and in some cases.

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Sep 23, 2003 · Self-Defense loads for the .38 Special The author began work on this article for a very personal reason: He often carries a J-frame S&W .38 Special and wanted to know what loads offer the best chance of surviving a confrontation.

38 Special revolver, regardless of whether it's a snub nose S&W J-Frame, a Ruger LCR, a Colt Cobra or something else. All the self-defense rounds on this list.

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Feb 22, 2019.

photo of best 38 special ammo compared to 357 ammo outside.

plinking, target shooting, hunting small game, and self-defense on occasion.

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The BEST .38 Special Snub Nose Loads YOU Should CarryNov 20, 2019.

5 Best .38 Special Rounds for Penetration. we tested penetration into gel to find the best 38 special self-defense ammo. Penetration is an.

.38 Special Ammunition. One of the best features of a .38 revolver is the ammunition suite. If you’ve ever owned a .38 Special, then you know you have the option to fire varying bullet weights and pressure loadings in the same revolver.

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Mar 01, 2020 · The iconic .357 Magnum ammo stands out as a top home defense round. Choosing a gun and ammo for home defense is much different than choosing one for self-defense. Most experts say that using a shotgun for home defense is the way to go.

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The Best 38 Special ammo for self defense is actually a list of several options. All ammo is not created equally, and more than that,

Mar 27, 2019.

I love to see new ammo that's specifically made for one of my favorite types of guns, the.

The .38 Special is one of the best revolver cartridges ever made.

Today's self-defense .38 Special is most commonly used in.