38 Super Vs 38 Special Ammo

.38 Special vs 9mm comparison. The .38 Special is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge by Smith & Wesson. The 9mm Luger also known as 9X19mm Parabellum was designed by George Luger and is the most popular and widely used military handgun cartridge.

.38 Special is a rimmed cartridge, designed for revolvers, while .38 Super is designed for semi auto pistols, and uses a recessed canneleure, rather than a rim.

Mar 28, 2014  · 38 Super is a relatively high pressure auto cartridge, while 38 Special is a black powder era lower pressure revolver cartridge. 38 Super, on the one hand and .357 Magnum/38 Special, on the other hand, are not interchangeable. Period. Some will say they have fired 38 Super in their .357 Magnums.

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The .38 Super cartridge is dimensionally identical to the .38 ACP, but loaded to higher pressure. The .38 Super Auto achieved a MV of 1280 fps with the same 130 grain bullet. For many years it was the most powerful cartridge available in autoloading pistols. The .38 Super became moderately popular and remains available today.

38 super vs 38 specialThe 38 Super and 38 Super +P are the same thing. The 38 Super was the original name for the higher pressure 38 ACP. Later, SAAMI worried about the higher pressure and added the +P designation. The 38 SuperComp is a rimless version of the 38 Super (or +P).

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The .38 Super Auto, introduced in 1929, is slightly larger than the 9mm Luger cartridge.

How can a handgun made for .357 shoot .38 ammunition?.

The 9mm compares roughly to the .38 Special, while the .38 Super compares more closely.

Aug 04, 2009  · Option #1: Colt 1911 "lightweight commander" in .38 Super. Option #2: Ruger SP101 with 3 inch barrel in .357 Mag. Half of me wants a semi-auto and the other half wants a revolver.

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Mar 26, 2020.

38 Special, it's hard to decide the winner since there is a diversity of.

The 38 Super is often used in pistols while the .38 Special is.

The shooting of incorrect ammunition shall expose your and your gun to unnecessary risks.

38 Special/.357 Magnum.

those aren’t as prevalent on the used market and don’t enjoy the readily available ammo selection of the .303 Enfield, 7.62×54 Mosin Nagant, and 8mm Mauser.

Ammo Quest .38 Special “I think I’m a pretty good salesman, but to convince businesses to buy ads for events they are not having, well, it’s pretty tough,” VonKaenel said. Even before COVID-19, America’s. Aug 13, 2018 · Last year, Federal introduced a new HST load in .38 Special +P.As most of you guys probably already know, the HST

Aug 04, 2009  · Option #1: Colt 1911 "lightweight commander" in .38 Super. Option #2: Ruger SP101 with 3 inch barrel in .357 Mag. Half of me wants a semi-auto and the other half wants a revolver.

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Like the .38 Super, the .357 magnum could lob a bullet at 1300 fps. Only it could do that with 180 grains instead of just 130. The magnum was a huge ballistic leap forward, and much more attractive to an American law enforcement culture that would not be ready to embrace automatic pistols.

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Loading the venerable .38 Special wadcutter – 38 Special were among the most common handguns in the world.

you need to be boringly thorough when making ammo. The author is not responsible for mishaps of any kind, which might occur from the use.

Jan 12, 2010 · The .38 Super has about 40% more energy than .38 Special, on average, and Cor-Bon .38 Super loads have .357 Magnum level power. The FBI used to issue the 1911 in .38 Super during the Prohibition era for it's ability to penetrate the car bodies of the period.

Jul 23, 2019 · “.38” is a broad reference to many, most, or all 38 calibers. In some instances, when somebody says or writes “.38” they are actually referring to .38 Special, a popular revolver caliber used by police, for decades, and still popular; as it is usa.

Jul 22, 2019  · The .38 Special and the two .357s can use the same bullets (for the .38,) but the .38 would have trouble pushing the heavier bullets you can use in the two .357 rounds. And the other rounds listed in the first group (except the .38ACP) are also revolver rounds, but are even shorter – and therefore smaller powder charges.

Jun 22, 2017.

They often get confused, but you have to understand that the .38 Special has nothing to do with the .38 Super. Instead, the .38 super auto gets.

Oct 26, 2018.

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Aug 1, 2014.

The .38 Super caliber has a fascinating history and is a bit of an.

Most of the major ammo manufacturers still make limited quantities of .38 Super,

.38 Super has nothing to do with .38 Special, or any other revolver cartridge.

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38 Special, 9x19mm and .45 ACP. This article is about SAAMI specification +P ammunition that is available to civilian shooters. "+P+," on the other hand,

Oct 27, 2018  · 9mm vs .38 Special.

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It’s slim, lightweight, and compact—and that means super easy to conceal.

The Model 638 chambered in .38 Special is extremely popular. Many women find revolvers simple to use, requiring.

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38 Special holstered to his hip.

Engle was soon using his 16mm Canon Scoopic to film bomb drops from the back seat of a F-100 Super Sabre. The Air Force would later send him out with Army ground.

I have a .38 Super that I load ammo a bit hot for. I have one I only shoot normal pressure loads in, and I have a 9MM barrel for it as well, which I shoot a lot. Not much .38 Super brass laying around at the range, while there is a lot of 9MM brass laying around to be had for free.

The old .38 ACP propelled a 130-grain (8.4 g) bullet at 1,050 ft/s (320.0 m/s). The improved .38 Super Auto pushed the same 130-grain (8.4 g) bullet at 1,280 ft/s (390.1 m/s). The .38 Super has gained distinction as the caliber of choice for many top pistol match competitors; it remains one of the dominant calibers in IPSC competition.