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375 Win ammunition in rifles chambered in .38-55, especially in older examples. The brass is very similar (shorter by approx. 1 mm), but using modern, higher.

“Tragic examples like this remind us of the importance to separate guns and ammunition kept in the home and to secure firearms in a locked safe or utilise other childproof safety devices.

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Big fan of MTM’s ammo boxes, and their current P50-38-16 is no exception. While the older living-hinge version is shown on Amazon’s product page, they sent me the newer (and preferred) mechanical-hinge version. The mechanical hinge allows the lid to open completely and lay flat making cartridge extraction easier at the range.

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Concealed Carry:  Standard pressure  .38 special ammo.Ammunition box smashes through elementary school roof after falling from military helicopter – Authorities are trying to determine how a box of ammunition fell from a military helicopter before crashing through the roof of a school. Ysleta Independent School District says no one was injured.

38-50 Remington Hepburn A buddy has built one for his daughter and had severe leading with the first loads he tried. The question is whether to stay with lead-tin mix or try something harder such as WWs.

Best 38 Short Barrel Ammo .38 Special Ammo In Ruger .357 Lcr Apr 8, 2017. Ruger LCRx Revolver loaded with Liberty Ammo .357 Magnum Loads Bob Shell. I am going to focus on 38 special cases as fully loaded 357's won't burn. The Ruger LCRx's DA trigger pull isn't real heavy so most shooters. Apr 08, 2017  · Ruger LCRx Revolver

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Make sure to stock up on health injections and ammo for sure, as well as traps o explosives if you intend to use them. Speak to innocence.

It is akin to sending soldiers to war armed with lathis instead of proper ammunition.” The association has written to the prime minister for adequate supply of PPEs and masks, but is yet to.

You can’t zoom in with it and you can’t pick up more ammo for it, so 18 shots is it.

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The .38-55 Winchester was designed in 1884 by Ballard Rifle & Cartridge Company. The cartridge has no parent case and is a .3775 inch bullet with a rimmed straight case and 1:18 rifle twist. The .38-55 was used in the Model 1983 Marlin lever-action rifle and also in other single shot rifles.

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Best 38 Ammo For Hunting Hornady makes a 30 gr. load with the plastic tip to aid expansion. This makes it an effective round for varmints where all you want to do is eliminate them. If you don't want the additional cost, try taking the usual HP ammo (36-38 gr.) and a razor blade or very sharp knife and cut

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The .38-55 Winchester cartridge (actually .3775 caliber) was introduced in 1876 by Ballard. It was used by Marlin Firearms from 1875 on for various single-shot target rifles and their 1893 lever action rifle. It was later offered by Winchester in its Model 1894. Winchester continued to use the round in various rifles until about 1940, and also.

Heavy 38-55 Winchester Ammo – 255 gr. J.F.N. Bonded Core .377dia. Our 38-55 ammo is designed to work in all 38-55 chambered firearms made with modern metallurgy for smokeless powder. It operates at 38,000 CUP—the 30-30 Winchester operates at an average max. pressure of 38,500 CUP. For those who are not aware, the 30-30 case is simply a necked.

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