38-44 Ammo

38/44 Ammo, too shoot or not to shoot? WITH PICS. Got the ammo today and I think this stuff may be too expensive to shoot, but I really want to load it in my Heavy Duty and see if I can shoot through a frying pan.

Coronavirus fears spur shoppers to wait in 2-hour line for firearms in New York – Vista Outdoor Inc. (VSTO), parent company to multiple ammunition companies.

comfortably near the midpoint of its 52-week range of $38.44 and $57.86.

.38 Special Ammo Grain Differences What's the difference between a .38 vs .38 Special? In practical, everyday terms? At this late date, there really isn’t any. Smith and Wesson introduced the .38 Smith and Wesson Special in 1902 and it was about the hottest medium bore cartridge yo. Aug 21, 2014 · This Speer Gold Dot .38 Special +P ammo

You can't buy 38/44 ammo because all factory ammo, particularly .38 Special, has been down loaded in the past 25 years because of people blowing up their cheap, pot-metal guns in this caliber and suing the ammo companies. If you asked Remington or Winchester to make new 38/44 ammo they would laugh. You will have to load your own.

Smith & Wesson 38/44 Outdoorsman RevolverThis is real 1940’s vintage 38/44 ammo. It says “.38-44 S.&W. Special” 158 grn Lead bullet. The box says “r266” as the version of the load an it specifically says “specially adapted for the .38-44 Smith and Wesson Special”.

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Smith & Wesson .38/44 identifies a series of 6 shot, double-action, Smith & Wesson N-frame revolvers chambered for the .38 Special cartridge loaded to higher pressures than were considered appropriate for earlier revolvers chambered for that cartridge.

Aug 13, 2009 · The Winchester 38 Special +P lead hollow point of today (catalog X38SPD, my favorite .38 Special defense load) is similar to the 38/44 ammo of the period. Pointed lead bullets with a covering jacket (Winchester Metal Point) were also loaded to higher velocity in the .38/44. S&W made a .38 Special revolver on the .44 frame, hence the .38/44 moniker.

38/44 Ammo Testing – Factory and Reload The following is a test of 38/44 ammo only. This information is not applicable to any other cartridge or caliber and is presented only for information’s sake. First off, let me state that what I did was push the limits in my guns.

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Aug 30, 2018 · The .38-44 is a cartridge designation but also is a term for the revolver intended to use the new loading, which could reach 1,125 fps with a 158-grain bullet—but at the cost of serious wear and tear on standard revolvers.